The 4 Habits of Highly Awesome Leaders (Part 1)

The 4 Habits of Highly Awesome Leaders (Part 1)
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Forget complicated models. This 1-min to read ⚡️Pro-tip will help you show others how awesome leadership looks like. Read on to dive in the scary world of walking the talk–our habit #1.

WHY [👟 the 💬] MATTERS:

Your habits punch harder than PowerPoints because they...

  • Signal to others what's important (and what's not)
  • Put abstract concepts in concrete terms (i.e. what trust really looks like)
  • Bring future scenarios into the now (i.e. from a trivial team to an innovative one–by trying new things more than once).

Habit #1: Walk the Talk


Let's say simplicity is one of your values. Let's also say your team produces a report you need for frequent decision making. As a leader, you can either ask them to...

  1. 📥 email it to you every time they create a new version
  2. 🔗 share the url once so you always have the latest version 24/7

Which one would you choose? Tic, tac, tic, tic, tac...

Hint: coherent leaders get intended results. Incoherent leaders get... whatever.


Avoid getting whatever and confusing people by asking yourself this daily question ⤵️

Did I do my best to show others what my true values are as opposed to contradicting myself with my behavior?

That's it for now. Stay tuned for part 2.