🧰 Flow Metrics Tracker

🧰 Flow Metrics Tracker
Easy Flow Metrics: a KISS flow metrics calculator, by AGLdrive

For Awesome Leaders like you, here's a lightweight, 100% private and 100% yours Flow Metrics Calculator that might help you improve any workflow of your choice. 


  • Launch your ideas faster.
  • Increase your creative output.
  • Get tighter feedback loops from your customers.
  • Experience more often the happiness of being laser-focused.

What's included

You'll get a MS Excel File (plus a backup copy for just in case...)

You'll get 1 single MS Excel file, with four workflow variants:

  1. A MS Excel Sheet for Personal Productivity 
  2. A MS Excel Sheet for Content Creation
  3. A MS Excel Sheet for Bootstrap Developing
  4. A MS Excel Sheet for any Workflow of your Choice

All MS Excel Sheets are simple & easy to understand, include practical tips, examples, and are ready for you to use (no specific lean/agile knowledge or experience required).

How to get it

There's 2 ways to make it yours today:

  1. Download it at the end of the post (for premium subscribers only), or...
  2. Buy it here.

Download it below ⤵️ (requires premium subscription)