Retrospective's Secret: There's a Piece Missing

Retrospective's Secret: There's a Piece Missing

The Retrospective is, by far, the most important event of an agile team. However, there's a crucial aspect no one talks about. Keep reading to find out.

What’s the secret:

The Retrospective it’s just 50% of the work. The other half is to actually implement what you decided to do. Most people struggle with this. But you’ll not if you:

  1. Prioritize one simple —easy peasy— action.
  2. Implement it right away.
  3. Stay consistent achieving “1” and “2”.

That's it. but how can you pull it off?

Here's a sequence of actions you can use to unlock your team's ability to evolve.

Retrospective's Essential Steps:

  1. Intro: explain the why, agenda & logistics
  2. Reflect: celebrate what went well as a team
  3. Ideate: how might we improve as a team?
  4. Select: one action you can get done in a day
  5. Place: the action at the backlog’s very top
  6. Outro: sum up, explain what’s next & close
  7. Do: implement the action in a day or less
  8. Repeat: at a regular interval (i.e. every 15 days)

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The Bottom Line:

A retrospective is not done until something gets done.

🤘Yes, you've got this!

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