What's Business Agility Anyway?

What's Business Agility Anyway?
Business agility is a superpower (in a way)

Want to get familiar with Business Agility? This is what I'd tell you if I only have 2 minutes of your time:


  • A tactical definition
  • A formal definition
  • A thing to be aware of...
  • A PDF to study

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A tactical definition

In a nutshell...

Business Agility is the ability of a company to adapt and deliver value to customers, as fast as change itself.

In a way it's a superpower. A coveted one. An elusive one. It entails:

  • (New?) capabilities,
  • (New?) behaviors, and
  • (New?) ways of working

Why?, just look at this formal definition:

A formal definition

"Business agility is a set of organizational capabilities, behaviors, and ways of working that affords your business the freedom, flexibility, and resilience to achieve its purpose. No matter what the future brings." – Business Agility Institute

Go deeper: read the latest "The Business Agility Report" (6th Ed. 2023), by the Business Agility Institute.

Be Aware of...

  • 🚫 It's not about business teams doing agile (a common misconception).
  • ✅ It's about making an entire organization agile.

A PDF to Study

Domains of Business Agility

Why it matters: this is the 4th version of, perhaps, the first Business Agility model in the industry (So, it's a pretty good reference).

My favorite thing about it: this new version focuses on behavioral change, which might help you find a more concrete, actionable, observable path toward business agility.

Get the latest: link

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