On De-scaling Agile Transformations

On De-scaling Agile Transformations
To De-scale or Not, that's the Tension...

De-scaling an agile transformation is a viable option, but it must be accompanied with a benefit hypothesis.

Here are 4 key questions you might use (or advise others to use) to arrive to a sound go/no-go decision:

  1. What would you aim to achieve with this de-scaling effort in the first place?
  2. How do you know de-scaling the transformation will give you even greater outcomes vs the current state?
  3. Are those outcomes just for the short term or to prepare your organization for a sustainable future as well?
  4. Is there any hard-to-measure qualitative criteria that you need to consider as well?
Bonus: in case of emergency, use these two:

- What’s the riskiest assumption behind your decision that—proven to be untrue—will make it a very, very, bad option for the organization?

- Have you already tested the validity of that riskiest assumption?

There you go, a fresh set of questions for your leadership toolbox 🧰


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